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Why are we doing this?

We’re a new business. Sometimes we buy too much of the jewellery we love. We are learning. But until then, we believe none of our pieces should sit in storage. Not when they’re destined for pride of place on jewellery stands.

The Trove Price

We believe designers and makers should be paid properly. We also think big sales are an excuse for brands to hike up their prices.

We price fairly all year round, because we care about democratising good design. That’s why we started Motley.

You’ll only see some of your favourites in The Trove at a discounted price because only over-ordered pieces will appear in it, and there’s only ever a few of each.

Business as usual

The Trove pieces aren’t damaged, faulty or out of season. They’re impeccably made and designed, like all Motley pieces.

Through The Trove, we avoid dodgy retail practices, like burning or throwing out stock to keep demand high.

We just want each Motley piece to go to a good home, where they can get all the TLC they deserve.

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