Measure your ring size at home

Here's a quick and easy way to measure your ring size at home. 

  • Wrap a narrow strip of paper or piece of string comfortably around your intended finger.
  • Mark the end (where the piece of string or paper meets) and measure the distance. This is the circumference.
  • Match the measurement to the circumference dimensions in the above chart. If it falls between 2 sizes, we recommend that you order the larger sizes.

Ring size chart

We use UK ring sizing for all of our rings, but here's a helpful conversion chart for you.


Necklaces (Say what drop?)

Drop - measured when you lay a fastened chain on the table and measure from the clasp to the tip. Half the length of the chain from end to end.

24cm drop: perfect anti-bounce length, it should be visible with an open neck shirt.

28 and 30cm drop: for the average Motley, this will hang below a strappy top line.

Care Guide

Look after your Motley jewellery and it’ll look after you. Each Motley comes with a micro fibre cloth for removing grime.


Wear your silver with you everywhere to keep tarnish at bay (oil on your skin will protect it). Oxygen is silver’s enemy: keep your jewellery in its pouch or an airtight bag to keep the oxo-demon away.


Vermeil is an unfit, sweat-hating land-lover; make sure you take off your vermeil jewellery before jumping in the pool, shower, or strapping on your lycra.  Keep your pieces gold and gleaming by storing them in their pouch and remember not to buff too hard with your Motley polishing cloth.


Try and keep your earrings separate – our two-part Motley pouch is perfect to keep the bickering pair apart. 



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