Our Quality Guarantee

Fast fashion’s not our thing. We invest in the production of our pieces so that they’re made to last. When we refer to gold vermeil, that means gold plated on silver, more thickly, made to last and hypoallergenic too. We never plate on bronze or brass. We set our stones as a fine jeweller would, and hand finish every piece.

If your plate fades, or something comes loose, we promise to replate or repair your Motley jewellery for free within three years of purchase or receipt under standard conditions of normal wear & tear. 

Wear & tear can happen as a result of normal jewellery wear. Wear & tear does not cover any damage caused by your jewellery joining you whilst playing extreme sports or other vigorous activities.

If you have any queries, get in touch via email at care@motley-london.com

For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions here.


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