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Our story

Exceptional jewellery designers are sculptor, engineer and artist all in one. But the jewellery industry isn’t built to bring you properly made, original design at a fair price. That’s why we founded Motley. 

We are on a mission to put great design back into the hands, necks, wrists and ears of the world. 

We find the world’s best designers to create bold and original collections for us. Collections that wouldn’t leave the drawing board anywhere else, because they’re intricate and difficult to make. We don’t compromise on design, and don’t cut corners in production.

We find artisans all over the world who have local expertise in different types of jewellery craftsmanship, and use centuries-old techniques that last. 

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A Tale of Two Founders

Co-founders Cecily and Ilana met in a university lecture about witchcraft (where all good ideas start). Cecily became the director of Louisa Guinness Gallery, which sold and exhibited jewellery made by artists. She sold jewellery classed as fine art to collectors, often for thousands of pounds. 

Which is when Cecily came up with the Motley model. Make it well using lasting materials, pay designers fairly without restricting their creativity, cut out the middlemen, pass the savings and beautiful jewellery on to you. 

Ilana, a management consultant who worked with top consumer and retail brands, got involved. She was shocked by the outdated jewellery market, and aware of the need for a brand that spoke to the wearer.  Within 6 months, they were working together on Motley.

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