Motley Ethics

The jewellery industry is known for complex supply chains and dodgy labour practices. We do things differently. 

How we treat people

Our Designers 

We collaborate with exceptional designers from all over the world, who design exclusive collections for us. Their talent and skill is rare, so our relationship with them is unusual. We pay them a royalty fee on every design in perpetuity that’s far above the industry average, plus a design fee.  We give them free rein over the design process and take care of production. This eliminates the risk designers would have to take if they worked at scale in affordable metals. It’s a process that rewards designers and gets beautiful, fairly priced jewellery straight to you.

Our Makers 

We don’t just look for the cheapest manufacturer, and fast fashion techniques aren’t for us. We work with master craftsmen in Turkey, Thailand and Italy, who use techniques that have created fine jewellery for centuries. We want to make it once, and make it well. We believe that if a designer has poured their heart into a design, we shouldn’t cut corners in the way it’s made. It costs a little more. But there’s enough ordinary jewellery out there already, and we don’t want to add to it.

You won’t find sweatshops in our supply chain. We know all of our suppliers, and we ask them to sign a code of conduct on fair pay and ethical practices. We visit often to make sure they meet our standards - in fact, one of our Thai manufacturers is on the path to become one of Thailand’s first certified B Corporations.

How we treat the planet

Thoughtful jewellery

We pick materials that will stand the test of time. Our designers create pieces you’ll love just as much five years down the line as you did the day you bought them, so it’s our job to make them last. Our gold-plated jewellery is all vermeil, which is a thicker, long-lasting plating technique that uses solid 925 sterling silver as a base. We never use brass. It means our jewellery is hypoallergenic, and it won’t turn your fingers green. 

Our Materials

Our precious and semi-precious stones come from suppliers who follow socially responsible practices and never source from conflict regions. Our diamonds are sustainably sourced in accordance with the Kimberley Process. Most of our silver is recycled, and all of our silver and gold is mined locally. 


If you’re already a customer, you’ll have seen our bright and bold packaging. You may have noticed it’s recently had an update – that’s because we’ve searched far and wide for an outer box and inner that is entirely recyclable. The only part of your Motley box that’s not recyclable is the virgin tracing paper sleeve over the inside box. Make sure you separate the insert from the outer packaging if you plan on recycling it. 


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