The Modern-Day Worry Beads

Taking inspiration from the spindles of ancient Greece, this collection of tactile, touchable jewellery is crafted to calm anxious minds and quiet busy lives.

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Sold out

Charlotte Garnett by Motley

Garnett, Central St Martins and Sarabande graduate, has created a collection for Motley that's inspired by her personal struggles with mental health.

Each piece is individually handcrafted in precious metals and semiprecious stones. 10% of the sales from this collection will go to the mental health charity Sane.

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The Motley Model

We believe the best design comes from the best designers. The cost of great design is made up of two parts; the work that goes into the creativity and the cost that goes into production. We wanted to retain outstanding creativity and exceptional craftsmanship, but bring the cost of production down by working in a more affordable metal - silver.

So we came up with a new model.

1) Outsource design to the best fine jewellery designers for the creativity part

2) Handle the production ourselves with an expert atelier for the quality part, working in silver and gold vermeil (that's gold plated to a certain thickness on silver)

3) Sell direct to consumer - cutting out the retailers and their margins - for the affordable part.

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Almost.