How to make design no one else has

We work with professional independent designers. They usually work with expensive materials, so their design is out of reach for most of us. They are the best of the best. Their work is in the finest private collections, smartest stores and most established museums.

So how do we get a piece of that?

As well as being mega talents, our designers believe great design is for the many and not the few. Affordable is hard for them to achieve - working with manufacturers is time consuming, difficult and requires upfront cash. So most designers stick to precious metals. 

That’s where Motley comes in

We take care of the manufacturers and we put up the cash. So the designers only do the bit they love most - the designing. 

Only Motley lets designers go wild. We never tell them what to make or how to make it. They come to us with outlandish ideas and we do our darned best to make it happen.

What? But that sounds haaard. 

Pain is beauty my friends. If you truly commit to creativity you get design no one else has. If you aren’t greedy and you commit to finding the best silver manufacturers in the world, you can you make it for a price normal people can afford. 

Well… someone had to, right?



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