Ah, pearls. Deep sea treasures that can be found hidden behind the tightly shut shells of pink oysters. Pearls can only be formed when a bit of matter (like a stone or parasite) is embedded in an oyster’s soft tissue, so in a sense they’re a freakish natural anomaly. They are special, and people have endowed them with all kinds of meaning and symbolism. (See a History of Rebel Pearls here). 

What are freshwater pearls?

At Motley, Our pearls are freshwater and sustainably sourced. This means they’re natural, formed in freshwater, and require a bit of TLC to keep them looking as fresh as the day they came out the oyster. 

How do I look after my pearls?

Pearls are alkaline, so acids are their sworn enemy. Make sure you take off your pearls before washing up, getting in water, or working up a sweat. Your perfume, moisturiser or fake tan can damage your pearls so make sure you give them a wipe if any alien acids come their way.

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