We make our jewellery properly, price it fairly, and pay designers well without restricting creativity. 

The traditional jewellery industry is notorious for underpaying craftsmen, undervaluing creative talent and overcharging consumers. Here’s how we do things.

Fair to you

The traditional jewellery industry is known for high retail mark-up costs and opaque supply chains. Fast fashion jewellery relies on base metals and flash plating, so customers rarely get a quality product that is affordable. All this means most jewellery isn’t fairly priced or well made. 

That’s why we do things differently. We don’t sell through big retailers to avoid unnecessary markups. Our prices are a true reflection of the value of our jewellery, from the amount we pay our designers to the materials our craftsmen use. 

Fair to designers 

In the industry, it’s hard for independent designers to make affordable jewellery. Independent designers need to work in precious metals to compensate for the time involved in crafting pieces. 

Those that aren’t independent are ‘white labelled’, which means they work for big brands to their specifications and don’t get recognition. 

Instead, we give designers free rein over the design process but manage production in-house. We cover all manufacturing costs, from sampling to creation. This means it does not cost our designers anything to realise their designs. 

The talent and skill of our designers is rare, so we believe they should be compensated for it. We pay them a royalty fee on every design in perpetuity that’s far above the industry average, plus a fee for their designs.

Fair to craftsmen

We work with master craftsmen in Turkey, Thailand and Italy, who use the techniques and materials that have created fine jewellery for centuries. It costs a little more, so we take a smaller margin. There’s enough ordinary jewellery out there already, and we don’t want to add to it.


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