Women of Motley: Santina Harrison, HuesofWhite Creator

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Motley sat down with Santina Harrison, the brains behind hugely successful fashion and lifestyle blog, HuesofWhite, to discuss all things style and inspiration in a post-lockdown era. 

Motley: Tell us about HuesofWhite. How did you end up being a content creator?

Santina: HuesofWhite is a visual, creative fashion, beauty and lifestyle site where you’ll find chronicles of my daily musings and personal styling. 

I ended up being a Content creator after I had my little boy Maximilian. I was up all night feeding, and I had a number of friends in the fashion industry who would say, “You should start a blog and show your love of fashion and styling”. So I did; I would write all my posts during night feeds and shoot the pictures during the day.

I have spent the last three years creating and evolving as a Content Creator to create a one-stop destination for fashion, beauty and lifestyle for everyone. 

Motley: Well, we’re certainly fans. What’s one piece of advice you wish you had when you were starting out?

Santina: I think the one piece of advice I wish I had been given when starting out is to never compare yourself to others, and keep doing you! That’s very important advice that I feel is relevant for everyone.

Motley: You wear many hats. Which is your favourite?

Santina: I think it has to be my Photographer hat; I love styling products, and creating a space that’s fun, different and pushes the boundaries. 

Directing and styling a shoot is also another favourite, but there is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing the final pictures in a set of photos!

Santina wears the Gold Erté Earrings with Navy Blue Enamel by Motley x Melis Goral

Motley: Everyone at Motley HQ is obsessed with how you style your Motley. What commandments would your style bible have?

I think my style bible commandments would have to be: 

1. Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel super confident. 

2. Remember, not every trend is for everyone. 

3. Put your money into iconic, timeless investment pieces, such as blazers. 

4. Invest in great underwear and supportwear (it’s really important for me to feel good – starting with a nice pair of matching undies!).

5. Add a pop of colour to your look for an instant mood booster.

6. Buy from brands that you know are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

7. Don’t be afraid to thrift shop.

8. And, lastly, just have fun!

Motley: What’s your favourite Motley piece?

Santina: My favourite Motley piece still to this day has to be the Gold Eve Snake Hoop Earrings. You will find me wearing those with every look... Simple hoops with a little detail that go with everything.

Motley: What do you look for when you’re choosing new jewellery?

Santina: When choosing jewellery, it’s really important to me to look at the quality of what I’m wearing. I like my jewellery to feel heavy and stylish, and I choose pieces that will last me for many years to come. I always think of my Nonna’s jewellery that she passed down to me; gold Italian chain bracelets, chain necklaces and a variety of hoops that are still relevant in 2020. 

Motley: Speaking of relevance in 2020, lockdown has changed how many people dress. What’s changed for you?

Santina: Since lockdown, I find I'm now looking towards more basic pieces of clothing that are clean-cut, minimalist and easy to lounge in, but that I’m also able to dress up should I need to go out. 

On the other hand, it’s also made me want to wear dresses and accessorise with jewellery more often than I had imagined I would, as it makes me feel good – even if it’s just around the house.

Motley: Who’s your favourite Motley designer and if you could ask them one question, what would it be?

Santina: I think my favourite Motley Designer has to be Estelle Dévé. Seeing her creative and artistic take on design, for me, was the first time in a while that I saw something I knew I would be wearing years down the line.

My favourite piece is the Gold Long Curator Necklace because you can wear it in so many different ways, and add a different charm to change the look.

I’d have to ask her: Where do you get your inspiration from in order to create something so unique and different?

Santine wears the Silver Pearly Screw Necklace by Motley x Frances Wadsworth Jones


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