Why the Artists of Motley matter

by Cecily Motley on

You might wonder why we post pictures of art on our instagram, what the paint mark on all of our pictures means, or why we collaborate with artists. What’s jewellery got to do with it?

Put simply, we started Motley because we believe in the power of creative expression. As the world gets faster and more efficient, the things we want are just a tap or click away. We love that creativity can’t be systemised, predicted, coded or copied. It has a million different guises but it is still the thing every culture has in common, from cavemen to the sistine chapel. 

Each image we choose inspires us. It is the brainchild of someone who has dedicated their life to creating. Each reference to art pays homage to their single mindedness.

Our designers are artists and they make us see the world differently. And we want you to be part of it. Because we don’t think art should be about closed doors, white walls and big bucks. 

So that is why we share works of art as well as pictures of our jewellery. Because both things come from the same brilliant creative fizz that makes our world bigger and better. (Whether we know the special art term for the technique or not). And we think that’s important.

Artists of Motley 

We could not be more privileged to work with the creative minds that we do. We are always staggered by our designers ability to make something that might look simple, but is fiercely complex to achieve. 

We’ll be spotlighting some of our favourite creators, deceased and living, over the coming months. Some will create art inspired by the jewellery our designers create, and others will share their work and what makes it special with us. We believe that at a time when creativity is facing great global challenge, it’s important for us to use our platform to continue sharing their work, and what makes it so special. 

If there’s an artist or designer you would like us to feature, email care@motley-london.com with your suggestions. We’re always looking for new ways to be inspired. 

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