Wedding Jewellery Debunked

by Becky Dow on

There’s no such thing as ‘bridal jewellery’. Well, not at Motley anyway. I'm pretty proud of our campaign showing our take on what to wear for your wedding day, which sees hoops, pops of colour and statement styles galore. Of course, you want to feel amazing on the big day, but you also want to feel like you and that doesn’t need to mean compromising on your personal style. Something I wish I’d thought about more when I got married just over a year ago...

I’ve always been a jewellery lover, long before Motley entered my life; layering multiple necklaces and feeling bare without any earrings in. Hoops and drop earrings are my thing, big, small, decorative, you name it - I’m a fan. So naturally, you’d think the jewellery for my wedding day would have been a pretty big deal to me. Oddly, it wasn’t. It actually fell right down my priority list and ended up being a last-minute purchase. Once the dress was sorted it felt like that was me done, onto worrying about wedding favours, bagpipers, and the dreaded first dance. But looking back at it now, after spending more than my monthly salary on THE dress, why didn’t I put as much care and attention into the finishing details - the shoes and the jewellery?

I ended up typing a standard search for ‘bridal jewellery’ into Google and was met with a myriad of brands that I couldn’t tell apart from one another. So after minimal head-scratching, I opted for some diamond drop earrings that fit with the ‘bridal’ vision I had become accustomed to, and there you had it, a final tick of my never-ending to do list was complete. It felt good. But come the wedding day, the earrings were simply that, a checkbox to complete the ‘wedding look’. They had no sentimental value, no fascinating designer behind them, no story, and no enduring appeal. Needless to say, they went back into their little box and haven’t come out since.

So my one do-over from the great day that it was, would be to have put some more thought into my jewellery, but my earrings in particular. I had an off-the-shoulder dress so my earrings were there for all to see. I would have opted for the Motley x Alice Cicolini Guinevere Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver and Moonstone - feminine, romantic, glorious drops of perfect design that I’ve no doubt I would wear again and again, each time with the memory of when I first wore them. That would have been so special. A conversation starter? For sure. Not only would I tell you I wore these on my wedding day, I would tell you they were by Motley, designed by acclaimed jewellery designer Alice Cicolini, and inspired by the great William Morris. What a story that would have been to tell.

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