Our definitive guide to buying hoops

by Maja Bayyoud on

Is there any jewellery easier to slip on and forget about than a pair of hoops? They keep us looking put together on our fourth day in our lockdown tracksuit, and unlike rings they can stay on through countless hand washes. You’re either a hoop person, or a person that hasn’t met the right pair of hoops yet. So whether you’re the former or the latter, we’ve put together this guide to help you find The One(s).

The Statement Hoop 

Sometimes, you need big. Or bold. Or, say, Ancient Egyptian. 

The Jackal Hoops are inspired by ancient Egyptian iconography and cut a distinct shape, perfect for those who like a point of difference in their jewellery. 

 The Abstract Hoops may seem simple and everyday, but the distinct curve and slope inspired by 20th century abstract art makes them a subtle, visually arresting choice. 

Motley Blog | Definitive Guide to Buying Hoops | Gold Jackal Hoops | Emily Robson

Gold Jackal Hoops, Motley x Emily Robson

From cave paintings to emojis, humans have been obsessed with the sun for thousands of years. The Sunny Hoops in lightly hammered gold vermeil are a modern riff on timeless sun symbolism.

Motley Blog | Definitive Guide to Buying Hoops | Gold Sunny Hoops | Emily Robson

Gold Sunny Hoops, Motley x Emily Robson

Moving away from ancient symbolism into jewellery with a very 21st century message, the Bubble Hoops make a statement in more ways than one. They’re sustainable at heart, with the cut out materials used to create other pieces in the collection. Plus they’re big and bold, just as a statement hoop should be. 

The not round, not classic hoop 

Classic, rounded hoops are great. But sometimes you want something different, without going over the top. Such as, say, a Peaseblossom inspired hoop that takes nature and offers an entirely fresh take on it. 

Motley Blog | Definitive Guide to Buying Hoops | Peaseblossom Hoops

The Gold and Silver Peaseblossom Hoops, Motley x Coline Assade

Or a square hoop in solid gold that offers the perfect amount of everyday subversiveness, like our Gold Romeo Hoops

If you want to amp up the subversion, there’s always the Screws of Wisdom Hoops - perfect for those who like their pearls and hoops with a rebellious twist, and circles with some sharp edges.

Gold Romeo Hoops, Motley x Anonymous

The everyday hoop 

If every day was a statement hoop day, no day would be a statement hoop day. An everyday hoop that’s chunky without weighing down the earlobe is a must. One that doesn’t pull focus from a killer outfit, but signals you know your stuff when it comes to ear candy. 

Motley Blog | Definitive Guide to Buying Hoops | Gold Ace Hoops | Anonymous

Gold Ace Hoops, Motley x Anonymous

Enter our Siren, Ace (pictured above), and Jet Hoops. Each offers something a little different for the chunky hoop aficionado - each design is so light you’ll forget they’re even there. But nobody else will, because of how great they look.

The adventure-proof hoop

If you’re a professional bungee jumper or plan on completing a Triathlon in style, you might prefer to opt for a solid gold hoop you can keep on when participating in all of your favourite extreme activities.

The Casanova Hoops in Gold

Gold is adventure proof and perfect for those who forget to take their jewellery off at the pool, gym or at 3,000 feet. 

These are also great stacking hoops, because they’re small and don’t have to be taken off - the perfect base for you to build your earring stack on. 

Motley Blog | Definitive Guide to Buying Hoops | Casanova Gold Hoops | Anonymous

The Silver Hoop 

Silver hoops deserve their place in the sun. They’re always a sterling choice, and hypoallergenic to boot. Most of our statement and everyday hoops are available in silver too, so the silver lovers out there can get a regular sliver of silver in hoop form.

Motley Blog | Definitive Guide to Buying Hoops | Silver Hero Hoops | Hannah Martin

Silver Hero Hoops, Motley x Hannah Martin

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