Motley's Guide for the Perplexed: The Background Story

by Ilana Lever on

When we were launching Motley, we interviewed lots of people to learn their views about jewellery. We had one focus group who were ‘buyers, not wearers’. Mainly men, who were buying jewellery for mother, sister, partner or female friends, and there was one word, in particular, that came up regularly  – ‘fear’. Not surprising, really. They wanted to buy something interesting and meaningful, for the interesting and meaningful people in their life. That’s a heavy weight to bear.

Jewellery is a very personal thing. Wearers know what they like and don’t like. In our jewellery wearers’ focus group, every single person had been bought jewellery that they didn’t like. But choosing the right piece for someone else doesn’t have to be a minefield. It just comes down to asking the right questions. It’s why 94% of the men we surveyed asked a friend for help when buying jewellery. We thought we should do one better than that. So we built a tool called Guide for the Perplexed. Super simple, four questions – including a price one, because we know that’s important – to help choose the piece that’s right for the person that you’re buying for. Life can be really stressful – but buying jewellery shouldn’t be.

Go check it out.

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