Motley x Women

by Becky Dow on

Women are our founders, our muses, our designers, they’re our wearers and our driving force. So International Women’s Day is a pretty big deal for us.

For starters, we’re a female-led business (one of five “shaking up the tech scene”, as featured in Vogue), which we’re unashamedly proud of. The designers we’ve collaborated with thus far have been over 50% women, each one a leader in the field. We’re pleased to be able to showcase and make their work available to a large and growing audience. Plus, the models we use in our photography are women like you and me - we don’t use professional models and don’t plan to, but prefer to show Motley off on regular women, of all ages, shapes and sizes (and men too, of course).

Motley x Designers
From left to right, top to bottom:
Hannah MartinSim & StoutEmily Robson and Sian Evans

Motley x Designers

Since entering the jewellery scene, we can't help but feel jewellery isn’t taken seriously. And by ‘seriously’, we mean as an art form in its own right. Great jewellery, designed by the best designers in the world, has never received the prestige and praise that the high echelons of art have. Could that be because its wearers are predominantly women? We’ll leave you to mull that over.

A positive shift that we’ve seen in the jewellery market though is more and more women buying jewellery for themselves. The mindset that jewellery should be gifted to you is dissipating, and instead, self-purchase is becoming the norm. The jewellery we wear is a form of self-expression, and undoubtedly a reflection of our personality and tastes so why wouldn’t we choose it for ourselves?

Motley x Models
From left to right, top to bottom:
Siphosemvelo Mathema (Stylist and Artist), Lois Hinx (Freelance Designer & Videographer), Arianna Radji Lee (Head of Content at Decoded Future), and Becky Dow (Marketing Manager at Motley)

Motley x Models

You won’t be surprised to know that many of our customers are women too (women with great taste we might add), many of whom are buying jewellery for themselves; as a reward for a job well done, their piece of personal armour to see them through each day, or just because they really like it. They’re also buying it for their mother, a sister, a best friend or colleague to say ‘thanks’, ‘congratulations’ ‘happy birthday’ or ‘you’re the best’. And we salute you for that, because damn, does jewellery make you feel good.

And that’s us, on this fine day we call International Women’s Day, celebrating you, one another and all the women we know.

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