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Motley Curators: Lisa Stevenson, Sotheby's

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Art meets jewellery with ‘Motley Curators’, where we speak to luminaries about standout Motley piecesThey'll lend us their expert eye and pick out what makes their top Motley pick special.

This week Lisa Stevenson, Deputy Director of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby’s, tells us about her love for her favourite Motley, theatrical avant-garde and Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.

Motley Blog | Curators Lisa Stevenson | Sothebys

What’s your favourite Motley?

The Twist Reversible Earrings in Gold Vermeil from the Motley x Scott Wilson Collection.

What do you love most about them? 

I love that they are reversible but not overengineered. They’re completely effortless but chic! Versatile and wonderfully sculptured!

Motley Blog | Lisa Stevenson | Gold Twist Reversible Earrings 1If they were a piece of art, what would they be?

They make me think of the series of knots, links and loops that Anni Albers started in the late 1940s. The calculated and deliberate interlaced tangles hold a certain lightness but are very sure in their form. They straddle the myriad of media Albers worked in (including the jewellery she made!), and are akin to threads, and feel spontaneous but quite considered! 

Motley Blog | Lisa Stevenson | Anni Albers

Read about the modern art of Bauhaus artist Anni Albers here.

Which artist would you most like to have dinner with?

There are too many - I cannot just pick one! But if I must choose someone I am currently captivated by, I would love to have dinner with Leonor Fini and relish in her theatrical avant-gardism and frightening eccentricity!

Motley Blog | Lisa Stevenson | Avant Garde

If you could own any object from any time, past or present, what would it be?

I would ask for Dorothy’s slippers from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Then I could travel wherever I wish to go!

 Motley Blog | Lisa Stevenson | Wizard of Oz Ruby Red

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