Behind the scenes: a Father's Day special

by Ilana Lever on

In honour of Father's Day, Martin, esteemed bookshop owner and father of co-founder, Ilana, joined us at Motley HQ. Yes, he may have called her by her sister's name more than once, but doesn't he look good in a Motley ring?

Ilana: What’s my name? 

Martin: Ha. Trick question. Ilana

Ilana: Nice one. What's my birthday? 

Martin: 2 March 1998. No, '88. Definitely '88.


Ilana: Yes. What was I like as a five year old? 

Martin: Wonderful. 


Ilana: What's my most annoying habit? 

Martin: Not replying to text messages very quickly.


Ilana: Am I more like you or Mum? 

Martin: I think more like me, unfortunately. 


Ilana: What's the worst trait I've inherited from you? 

Martin: My untidiness.


Ilana: Favourite band or musician?

Martin: Queen


Ilana: What influences your style? 

Martin: What is style?


Ilana: What are your hobbies? 

Martin: Bellringing, driving trains and gardening. And enjoying the success of my daughters and my wife. 


Ilana: Favourite piece of Motley jewellery? 

Martin: The ring with the four coloured bits on a necklace. (The Alessandro Petrolati one?) Yes, the Italian designer.  But I like the new range, that one I sent you an email about today. Melis, I think?


Ilana: Favourite moment behind the scenes on the Motley journey?

Martin: The sheer adventure of it all.

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